Indian truck driver salary

The average salary for a Truck Driver in India is ₹3,14,600 per year (₹17,040 per month), which is ₹72,900 (-19%) lower than the national average salary in India.

A Truck Driver can expect an average salary starting of ₹1,02,600. The highest salaries can exceed ₹10,00,000.

Truck Driver – Salary Differences

Owner Truck DriverRs. 3,49,000/year+11%
Truck Driver TraineeRs. 2,17,000/year-31%
Difference in Truck Driver Salary

Truck Driver – Pay by Experience Level

A truck Driver who has less than three years of experience can expect an average compensation of Rs. 1,02,600. A mid-career truck driver with around 4-9 years of experience usually earns an average compensation of Rs. 3,06,000, while an experienced truck driver holding 10-20 years of experience makes an average compensation of Rs. 5,23,00. And, truck drivers who have more than 20 years of experience earn Rs. 6,31,900 on an average.
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Truck Driver – Gender Breakdown

Truck Driver Jobs by Location

Trucking business operates in almost all the states in India, irrespective of that fact, the region being rural, urban or a city. This generates a lot of job opportunities for people around the country. The classification of this truck driver job is displayed in the figure below:


In this vast sector of India’s trucking industry, the truck driver emerges as one of the crucial aspects, navigating the endless highways that connect the nation. Beyond the numerical value of a truck driver’s salary, lies a story of resilience and determination, where each journey holds a different memory.

As we go deeper into the complexities of their compensation, we unravel not just financial figures but also other factors affecting the same.

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