Truck Overloading

The logistics company was one of the growing companies in India; however, the demand for trucks is still increasing, and to fulfill the demands, many companies chose the wrong way. One of the wrong ways is truck overloading.

Let’s see the meaning of truck overloading first. Truck overloading means “the truck is carrying more loads than its prescribed load limitations”. Every truck has a minimum and maximum capacity for carrying loads. If any trucks carry loads beyond their limitations, this is known as truck overloading. It may cause accidents and increase fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Rules for Truck Overloading

To avoid truck overloading, our Government in India passed an act; through the act, they can take strict actions against truck overloading. According to Section 113 of The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

Limits of weight and limitations on use

(1) The State Government may prescribe the conditions for the issue of permits for 1 [transport vehicles] by the State or Regional Transport Authorities and may prohibit or restrict the use of such vehicles in any area or route.

(2) Except as may be otherwise prescribed, no person shall drive or cause or allow to be driven in any public place any motor vehicle which is not fitted with pneumatic tyres.

(3) No person shall drive or cause or allow to be driven in any public place any motor vehicle or trailer.

(a) The unladen weight of which exceeds the unladen weight specified in the certificate of registration of the vehicle, or

(b) The laden weight of which exceeds the gross vehicle weight specified in the certificate of registration.

(4) Where the driver or person in charge of a motor vehicle or trailer driven in contravention of sub-section (2) or clause (a) of sub-section (3) is not the owner, a Court may presume that the offence was committed with the knowledge of or under the orders of the owner of the motor vehicle or trailer.

Supreme Court Judgement On Overloading Of Trucks 2018

Overloading trucks were caught red-handed after the act passed. Especially on July 20, 2018, the Supreme Court of India passed a judgment on the overloading of trucks.

It states that any truck that exceeds 10% of its permissible limit would be fined Rs. 20,000 for the first tonne and Rs. 2,000 for every subsequent tone.

The judgment also directed state governments to set up weighbridges to check the weight of commercial vehicles. The judgment aimed to follow the rules, maintain the roads, and reduce accidents due to truck overloading.

Penalties for Truck Overloading in India

Several steps are taken to prevent truck overloading in India, but some border routes are checked daily, and heavy fines are imposed on overloaded trucks. They are

Serial NumberPlace where it meetsName of the BorderFine Amount
1.Karnataka-MaharashtraNipaniRs. 25,000
2.Kolkata-West BengalJhargramRs. 25,000
3.West Bengal-AssamSrirampurRs. 25,000

Maximum capacity of Different trucks

As we discussed above, every truck has a different maximum level of capacity to carry loads. It may differ due to axle, truck length, width, and road capacity. Let us see the general truck capacity.

Axle TypeMaximum Weight (tonnes)
Single Axle with a single tyre3
Single Axle with two tyres7.5
Single Axle with four tyres11.5
Tandem axle for rigid vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers21
Tandem axle for Puller tractors for hydraulic and pneumatic trailers28.5
Tri-axle for rigid vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers27
Axle Ro (two axles with four tyres each) in Modular Hydraulic trailers18

Final Thoughts:

In spite of laws being passed and heavy fines being enforced against overloading trucks, the issue still exists in India. The logistics company should understand that overloading trucks not only profits their business but also damages roads and highways, increases the risk of road accidents, and kills individuals.

To avoid these, the public should continue to be educated about the importance of road safety, especially the younger generation. We can work to create a safer and more environmentally friendly transport system in India by increasing awareness and encouraging responsible behavior.

You can also learn more about the demerits of overloading trucks and its consequences if interested.


  1. What is meant by overloading trucks?

    When a truck carries loads beyond its maximum capacity, it is said to be overloading trucks.

  2. What is the fine for carrying overloaded trucks?

    The fine amount is Rs. 20, 000, and Rs. 2000 for each extra tone of load.

  3. What happens when the trucks are overloaded?

    It may cause accidents and increase fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

  4. What is the maximum capacity of a single axle with two tyres?

    The maximum capacity of a single axle with two tyres is three tons.

  5. What is the maximum capacity of a tri-axle?

    The maximum capacity of a tri-axle is 27 tons.

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