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Why choose FR8?

FR8 is a trusted choice for truck transport services by 1,000+ customers

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Best truck rates

FR8 follows the concept of truck rates transparency, which means you can check all the truck rates online. All truck rates related information is public, there is no hidden cost. We directly connect you to the truck owners. This results in the cutdown of all unnecessary expenditure to maximize your earnings and reduce cost. You can check all live rates of the trucks and the truck rates for different lanes with your type of trucks. All the information is in one place. Once you submit all the details about the lane, tonnage, material and the type of truck, our team will connect you to the nearest trucks, and start the bidding process, and select the best bid for you. Thus you can get verified trucks from us at the best competitive truck rates.
FR8 Book - Find trucks in India

100% Delivery guarantee

FR8 is committed towards providing you the best service. All trucks and truck drivers details have been thoroughly checked from our team. There are a total 30,000+ verified trucks from 6,000+ approved truck owners. We maintain a standard level of quality in our services at every stage of the transportation process. FR8 has algorithms and processes to eliminate slow trucks ( For example trucks with average speed of 350 km/Day have been removed), and once all processes are done and trucks are loaded, we will track the trucks till the destination using sim tracking. Just in case any issue or a problem arises we will use our extensive network of branches and trucks to deliver your goods.
FR8 Book - Find trucks in India

Truck Availability

FR8 is the largest online truck transport service company in India. Get trucks from anywhere across India in a single click, you can get various types of trucks from 20 FT to 40 FT from all over India. Fill in the details about source, destination, material type and tonnage, you can check the truck rates and live prices and can see the trucks matching your requirements from anywhere across India. Manage your account easily in just one place, all your past, present and future consignments will be recorded and presented in the home screen of your FR8 Book app.
FR8 Book - Find trucks in India

Standard truck quality

FR8's customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may have during the truck booking process or while your goods are in transit. There are a total 6,000+ verified trucks from 30,000+ approved truck owners on our platform. Get verified drivers with secured insurance coverage. FR8 pays half the amount after loading with 100% delivery guarantee and the remaining amount after the delivery of the goods. FR8 is the risk taker not you, therefore we provide support at every stage of the truck transport service, from booking truck, loading, intransit, unloading and Proof of delivery submission
FR8 Book - Find trucks in India

Proof of delivery within 10 days

At FR8, we understand the importance of proof of delivery for your business. That's why we have established proof of delivery collection centers across India, and our team works closely with drivers to collect these documents and submit them to you within 10 days of the delivery. You can use the FR8 Book app or the FR8 Book web portal to track the status of your proof of delivery, including pending and received documents. All soft copy proof of delivery for all your truck bookings are kept as backups and can be easily accessed through the web portal. We strive to provide a seamless and efficient process for collecting and delivering proof of delivery documents, so you can have confidence that your goods have been delivered as promised. With FR8, you can trust that your proof of delivery needs will be met in a timely and reliable manner.