Enabling API access to IRIS GSP to manage your E-way bill operations through EasyWaybill, a one-time activity of enabling API access needs to be done for every GSTIN.

  1. Login to E-way Bill Portal(https://ewaybill.nic.in/)

    GSP Login
  2. Please note NIC system allows creating of sub-users. However for enabling API access you need to login using the main user credentials

    Under registration tab, select the option For GSP‟

    For GSP
  3. Once selected, you need to click on Send OTP and input the OTP number then

    E-way Bill System
  4. You will need to select IRIS Business Services from the list of GSPs.

    GSP list
  5. After selecting IRIS from the list, you will need to define a new username and password It is recommended to create the user name and password as per NIC policies. User name - Initial characters are auto-filled by NIC (format of auto-filling: "NIC Username_API_") after which a box has been provided for adding 3 user-defined characters. Password - Minimum length: 12 and Maximum length: 15

    NIC System
  6. Once successfully enabled for IRIS GSP, the details will be shown in view section

    GSP linking done
  7. This username and password need to input in NIC details in easywaybill application when user is adding the GSTIN / Transporter Id.