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  • 32 Feet Single Axle Container


  • 32 Feet Multi Axle Container


  • 20/22/24 Feet Container


Live truck rates of Full Truck Loads from Delhi to Ahmedabad

FR8 live truck rates makes life easier for manufacturers, shippers, transporters and truck owners. Live rates are similar to share prices of stock exchange, these are actual full truck load rates in FR8 platform.

SourceDestinationTruck typeCategoryTonOrder DatePriceAction
Delhi CantonmentAhmedabad20FContainer618-Mar-23 11:28 19500 Book truck now ›
Delhi CantonmentAhmedabadSXLContainer7.513-Mar-23 13:52 26500 Book truck now ›
Delhi CantonmentAhmedabadSXLContainer702-Dec-22 11:12 29500 Book truck now ›
Delhi CantonmentAhmedabadSXLContainer703-Nov-22 14:11 30000 Book truck now ›
Delhi CantonmentAhmedabad22FContainer6.526-Sep-22 17:09 25000 Book truck now ›
Delhi CantonmentAhmedabad20FContainer-22-Jan-22 18:12 42500 Book truck now ›