Transport Truck Rates





20-24 FT


17-24 FT


10 Whl


12 Whl


14 Whl


Ton: 15

Average: 27600

Bangalore- 18 Ton
21-Jun-24 | undefined


Hoskote- 18 Ton
18-Jun-24 | undefined


Banglore- 18 Ton
18-Jun-24 | undefined


Bommasandra- 15 Ton
17-Jun-24 | undefined


Banglore- 18 Ton
14-Jun-24 | undefined


Hoskote- 15 Ton
14-Jun-24 | undefined


Attibele- 11 Ton
13-Jun-24 | undefined


Bangalore- 15 Ton
12-Jun-24 | undefined


Bangalore- 18 Ton
12-Jun-24 | undefined


Nelamangala- 15 Ton
12-Jun-24 | undefined


Bangalore- 15 Ton
11-Jun-24 | undefined


Nelamangala- 18 Ton
10-Jun-24 | undefined


KOLAR- 15 Ton
08-Jun-24 | undefined


Bangalore- 10 Ton
06-Jun-24 | undefined


Hoskote- 15 Ton
05-Jun-24 | undefined


Truck Freight Calculator

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Effortless Transport Truck Rental for Your Needs

Looking for reliable transport truck services? FR8 is one of the best truck rental services, providing exceptional transport truck solutions for your freight. We understand the specific needs of various goods and offer a wide variety of transport trucks to perfectly match your shipment needs.

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FR8 Transport Cost Calculator

Calculating the transportation cost of a full truck load is not easy. The cost of hiring a full truck depends on 3 factors.

  • Operational cost: Operational cost of running a truck, which includes diesel cost, driver salary, and toll tax or fast tag expense. Diesel contributes to 50% of the running cost of a truck. Driver cost is about 15%, and fasttag is about 15%. All together, 80% of the cost is the operational cost of running a truck.
  • Fixed cost: Fixed cost of running a truck includes monthly loan repayment, or EMI repayment, which is 15% of the cost. Another 5% is miscellaneous costs, which include annual costs like maintenance, insurance, and road tax.
  • Supply and demand factor: This is the most changing factor out of the three. For example, hiring a 32 feet multi axle from Chennai to Kolkata cost Rs 90,000. Wherein the same truck from Kolkata to Chennai cost Rs 53,000. Market prices are determined by the availability of trucks for a particular route. Industrial hubs like Chennai, Mumbai, and Gujarat always have more demand for trucks than supply of trucks. Vice versa, consumption cities like Ranchi, Kolkata, and Guwahati have more supply than demand for trucks. This plays a vital role in determining truck transport costs.

Transport Truck Fare Calculator / Truck Freight Calculator

Here is our freight rate calculator, which shows the rates for all the trucks we offer throughout India. FR8 is the only transport service that provides live truck rates and an easy-to-use online truck freight calculator across India. We have different types of container trucks and open trucks. They are:

Truck TypeVariety of Trucking Options
Container Trucks32 Feet Single Axle Truck, 32 Feet Multi Axle Truck, 20 Feet Container Truck, 22 Feet Container Truck, and 24 Feet Container Truck
Open Trucks17 to 24 Feet Open Truck and 10, 12, 14 wheeler open truck

Discover the Benefits of our Truck Transport Calculator

  • Effortless Lorry Rent per km Analysis: Our truck rates are up-to-date, so it will provide the current rate and help you make a decision about your shipment.
  • Reliable freight cost calculator for all over India: Customers can confidently determine their truck transportation costs using our fare calculation per tonne per kilometer. We can help you analyse the freight charges in India and the lorry rent per km across India.
  • Easy-to-use truck freight calculator: Our freight rate calculator is simple to use and provides late freight rates for truck hire from anywhere in India.

Freight Charges Calculator/ Freight Calculator India

We are the largest transporter in India, and the truck transportation rates you see on this page are live and actual truck fare rates for goods transportation through full trucks done by the FR8 team. Whether your goods are going to a big city or a small town, we've got you covered.

Truck load rates India

Truck load rates are the price that a trucking company charges to transport a full truckload of goods. The rate is usually based on the distance that the goods will be shipped, the type of goods being shipped, and the availability of trucks to transport the goods. Other factors that can impact truck load rates include fuel costs, tolls, and the demand for trucking services. Trucking rates can differ widely depending on these and other factors, and it is important for companies to carefully consider their shipping needs and budget when selecting a trucking company.


The cost per KM of a transport truck in India depends on various factors such as truck types.

  • The content they carry (volumetric [candies] or dense loads [auto parts]).
  • Age of the truck (maintenance and EMI costs vary accordingly).
  • Size of the fleet and, also of the fleet owner (a larger fleet owned by an owner impacts maintenance costs by up to 15%).
  • Truck Make (Some trucks brands deliver a slightly higher mileage and this difference is essential to an extent in the total capital cost).
  • Geographical lanes in which the trucks operate (diesel prices vary across the country, so do tolls and traffic fines/penalties. This is an important factor as tolerance for overloading/Over dimensions varies across the country thereby limiting the maximum loaded weight of a truck. Rajasthan-Gujrat border is the strictest in the country for this).
  • Type of market the truck services (if a truck services big brands they have very high compliance requirements from the truck such as tyre depth, specific truck floor requirements, truck body requirements eg. Glass manufacturers such as Saint Gobain require very strong truck sides which requires additional reinforcements and investment from the fleet owner).
  • Seasonality (Diwali season in North, pre-Diwali season for paint customer increases loading and unloading waiting periods as these are sales peaks, though these do not have a very high impact when averaged out over the year).
SpecificationsCost/KM 32 FT MACContribution
Documentation (permits, insurance etc)Rs.6.815.0%
Driver Salary & ExpensesRs.4.510.0%
Others (misc.)Rs.2.35.0%
Grand TotalRs.45.0100.0%

Visit FR8"s Website to know about our truck load rates that is operational on a Pan India basis.

Variation in Rating

Trucking rates vary considerably for full truck load (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) as does the cost structure. Again when you say commodities, rates are cheaper than for say Container trailers and are very high for project transport (think the ODC, super ODC cargo). Below mentioned is a brief overview of a typical 20", dry container transport truck.

Typical Cost Breakdown (for Rs. 100 expenditure):

  • Fuel - 40%
  • Tolls - 14%
  • Vehicle EMI - 17%
  • Wages - 11%
  • Tire wear & tear - 6-8% (better quality tyres = higher upfront cost but better longevity. Sad tyres at start = lower upfront but greater replacement costs).
  • Maintenance - 5%
  • Others - bribes (used to be as high as 10% pre GST and checkpoint era), Insurance, Fitness cert, police/accidents etc.

Variations within the Industry

This cost structure can vary within the industry. For example, a 2-truck fleet operator in the broker market might experience lower overhead costs for wages and maintenance but higher fuel and depreciation costs due to the nature of their operations.

E.g. Tyres

Trucks come with steel belted radials from the show room, they get exchanged immediately for tubeless tyres. The branded ones cost 35,000 a pair when checked last time, many use 'Chinese tyres' that cost 22,000 a pair. Tyres last from anywhere between 75,000 to 90,000 and then get retreaded to last another 40,000 kilometres. A tyre can be retreaded twice. Some tyres burst and last only 20,000 - 40,000 kilometres - when new, some cannot be retreaded. Some can be retreaded only once, so it is very difficult to calculate the cost overall.

Also, fuel expenses vary from place - to - place. On highways its 3+kmpl on ghat sections & its 1.5liters per kilometre. Depends on which route the truck gets load for. Trucking in the olden days used to be a 6 wheel affair, then with the 2213 from TATA it moved to 10 wheels, for sometime tractor tailers dominated, nowadays it's the multi axle trucks, with anything from 10 to 20 tyres with 3 to 6 axles. There are all types of configurations, twin steer to 2 lift axles. Right now the winner is the Ashok Leyland 3520, with 2 twin steer axles in front and 8 tyres at the back in 2 axles, 1 drive and 1 dummy axle.

truck load rates insights


Below is the cost structure of Indian trucking industry as per a study conducted in 2019. The figure is taken directly from their report for the purpose of better understanding on this subject. Scale is the name of the game: To organize the market, players need to start creating an eco-system as they can provide important cost benefit to customers.

Real Time Example

There is a place called Sankagiri near Salem in Tamil Nadu. Everyone in the town is somehow or the other connected to the trucking business. So much so that Ashok Leyland till a few years back sold a model called 'Sankagiri Express'. The business system they follow there is the Owner rents the truck out to the Driver. The Driver gets paid 17 paise per kilometre and the truck is out running loads for 15+ days at a time. After 15+ days the truck returns and the Driver hands over the earnings to the Owner minus his 17 paise per kilometre. There are many in-between calculations, eg. Pooja charges are deductible at 100Rs. per day. Loading and un-loading charges have to be paid by the Driver from his 17 paise. FastTag charges are dealt by the owner. The Driver keeps and account of all expenses, fuel, commission paid to get load etc. Its extremely complicated and time consuming to estimate the exact expenses.

The FR8 live transportation rates/freight calculator makes life easier for manufacturers, shippers, transporters, and truck owners by aiding spot market negotiations. Live truck transportation rates are similar to share prices on the stock exchange; these are traded prices on the FR8 platform. It can be used by truck owners and transporters alike for spot rate negotiation. Transporters can use them for reverse auctions to find truck rent per km, and shippers can use them to arrive at the cost of transportation in terms of freight rate per tonne per km.


Truck load rates vary from organization to organization. It depends on several factors that needs to be considered while setting the load rate. The above mentioned points are some of the significant elements that goes into account in the process. Get to know more about truck load rates and get a brief insight on this very subject.

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