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Open Truck & Lorry Transport Services

A Eicher 19 feet / Eicher 20 feet open truck (Eicher body) is a type of commercial vehicle with an open space that is frequently used to deliver goods like industrial equipment and building supplies.

In India, FR8 is a well-known leader in providing open truck & lorry transport services for transferring commodities. With our extensive understanding of the sector and a dedicated team of professionals, we ensure the secure transport of containers to a range of places. Our commitment to excellence, dependability, and efficiency sets us apart as a trustworthy partner for all of your open truck transport requirements.

19 Feet Truck/ 20 feet Truck (Eicher Body)

19 feet trucks and 20 feet trucks are made of steel or aluminum and have a flatbed with sidewalls. These open trucks are an affordable way to transport goods over short and long distances. In 2020, FR8 stepped in to provide a 19 feet truck to transport goods for our customers.

19 feet open Truck
  • Truck Availability: We have more than 17,000 verified 19 feet trucks that are available 24/7.
  • Service Coverage: In every corner of India, FR8 offers its services.
  • Goods we transported:We transport all kinds of goods that will fit on 19 feet trucks, like hardware, empty cylinders, waste clothes, scrap, etc.
Specifications19 feet open truck20 feet open truck
Length19 feet20 feet
Open truck capacity7-9 tons8-10 tons

10 Wheeler Truck (10 Tyre Truck / 10 Chakka Truck)

A 10 wheeler truck, also known as a 10 tyre truck or 10 chakka truck are large commercial vehicles that have six wheels, with four of them being driving wheels. They offer significant advantages for businesses that need to transport large quantities of goods over short distances, say Chennai to Trichy. With over 1500 verified 10 wheel lorry, we stand as a reliable partner for all your logistics needs.

  • Ideal for: Medium-sized cargo loads, palletized goods, machinery transportation.

  • Service Coverage: FR8's 10 wheeler trucks are used for transporting goods and machinery within a city or surrounding regions. Our services extend nationwide.

  • Goods we transport: We transport all kinds of goods that will fit on 10 wheel/10 tyre/10 chakka trucks, like steel and metal products, construction materials, pipes, machinery, agricultural equipment, and more.

Specifications10 Wheeler Truck
Length22 -24 feet
Width7.5 - 8
Load capacity (Min & Max)16 - 18 Tons
10 wheeler truck

12 Wheeler Truck (12 Tyre Truck / 12 Chakka Truck)

A 12 wheeler truck is a versatile vehicle commonly used for transporting goods over medium to long distances. They are not too big, not too small, but just right. At FR8, we leverage the capabilities of 12 wheeler trucks to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of goods to our customers.

12 Wheeler Truck
  • Ideal for: Oversized or overweight cargo, construction materials, and industrial equipment.
  • Service Coverage: FR8's 12 tyre trucks are perfect for long-distance hauls, providing services across the country.
  • Goods we transported: We transport all kinds of goods that will fit on 12 wheel/12 tyre/12 chakka trucks, including construction materials like machinery, industrial equipment such as generators, oversized project cargo, bulk commodities like coal and grains, and more.
Specifications12 Wheeler Truck
Length25 -26 feet
Width7.8 - 8
Load capacity (Min & Max)21 - 25 Tons

14 Wheeler Truck (14 Tyre Truck / 14 Chakka Truck)

14 wheeler trucks are engineered for maximum capacity making them ideal for transporting goods across vast distances. With an immense load capacity of up to 30 tons, these trucks are essential for large-scale logistics. Here at FR8, we go beyond the truck itself. W'll ensure your long-distance haul is efficient, reliable, and stress-free.

  • Ideal for: Oversized cargo, heavy machinery, and bulk materials.

  • Service Coverage: With FR8's standard 14 tyre trucks, we extend our services nationwide for seamless long-distance transportation.

  • Goods we transport: We transport all kinds of goods that will fit on 14 wheel/14 tyre/14 chakka trucks, including oversized project cargo like wind turbine blades, massive construction equipment, and even bulk quantities of materials.

Specifications14 Wheeler Truck
Length28.5 - 29 feet
Width8 - 8.5
Load capacity (Min & Max)30 Tons
14 Wheeler truck

Stress-Free Lorry Transport with FR8 Logistics

Are you looking for reliable and efficient lorry transport services near me? FR8 is the perfect solution, providing the best lorry transport service with our wide range of lorries across India.

20 Feet open truck
  • Experience: We have seven years of experience In the field of goods transportation.

  • Flexibility: We offer a variety of open trucks and lorry, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

  • Customer assistance: We're available 24/7. Contact us and we are ready to help you with all your queries.

In these 7 years, we transported many goods like carton boxes, FMCG, electronic goods, furniture, alcoholic beverages, bags, bundles or rolls, drums or barrels, beverages, auto parts, paint, sacks (jute or plastic), medicine, industrial goods, empty bottles, paper bundles, pallets or panels, engineering materials, tyres, packaging materials, solid sheets, etc. All transportation is done smoothly without any major issues, so choose FR8 for all your lorry transport needs. Find the best open truck and lorry at the best price only at FR8 lorry transport service.

Reliable Lorry Transport Services

Gains from FR8's Nearby Lorry Transport Services

Let's see what benefits FR8's local lorry transport services near you bring. Customers or shippers could benefit from a nearby lorry transport service.

  • Quick response:We have 34 branches all over India, so we can rapidly address any issues that could arise during transportation.

  • Awareness of local transportation needs:We know the need for local logistics and so we have extended local lorry transport services.

  • Cost Effectiveness:We are able to offer affordable open truck transportation because of our multiple branches across India. Our competitive pricing system is visible to our customers.

Lorry truck transport service

Lorry truck transportation is the most common method used for moving goods from one place to another quickly and affordably. Many sectors, like manufacturing, logistics, and construction, rely significantly on lorry transport services because they can carry large or heavy goods due to their high weight capacity. According to the Indian Truck Owners' Association, 5.6 million lorries were used in India in 2022. Approximately 3.5 million of these are used for logistics. Even though lorries are more numerous, people still search for 'lorry transport near me?' or 'lorry transport office near me'. The question states that finding a lorry transport service that is close to you is very difficult. This is where FR8 comes in. If you are looking for a lorry transportation service near you, FR8 is the perfect choice for you. We have 34 physical branches in many major cities in India, like Chennai, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. This extensive network helps our lorry to reach its destinations on time.

Your Trustworthy Partner for Lorry Transport Service

Your Trustworthy Partner for Lorry Transport Service

Fed up with wasting time searching for the right lorry? FR8 simplifies your lorry transport journey. Easily locate a nearby lorry for your goods through our user-friendly platform, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.
Easily Find Open Trucks and Lorries

Easily Find Open Trucks and Lorries

Gone are the days of lengthy phone conversations and haggling. FR8's advanced technology allows you to find the open trucks and lorries you need with just a few clicks. Our user-friendly layout makes navigating the process easy, saving you both time and effort.
A Wide Range of Lorry Options to Suit Your Needs

A Wide Range of Lorry Options to Suit Your Needs

FR8 has you covered, whether you need a lorry for local delivery or a big one for long-distance travel. In order to meet all of your specific requirements, we provide a broad fleet of trucks that are outfitted with a range of capacities and amenities. You will always have access to the ideal vehicle thanks to our vast network of reliable lorry providers.
Affordable solutions with open rates

Affordable solutions with open rates

Say goodbye to unknown costs and charges! For our load owners, FR8 is committed to offering honest truck hire rates. With our straightforward and transparent pricing system, you can quickly evaluate your costs and create a budget that works for you. You may relax knowing there are no unanticipated fees or additional costs to worry about. To know the accurate truck hire rates, please visit our page.
Every time, quick and dependable lorry service

Every time, quick and dependable lorry service

We are aware of how crucial punctuality and dependability are to the logistics sector. You can be sure that your items will arrive at their destination on time when you reserve a lorry with FR8.
Flexible Transaction Choices

Flexible Transaction Choices

FR8 offers our clients a variety of simple payment methods. Depending on your desire, choose from a variety of payment options like online transactions, bank transfers (except cheque), or cash on delivery. What are you waiting for, try our open truck & lorry transport service today.
Ratings and feedback

Ratings and feedback

At FR8, we highly value feedback from our esteemed consumers. We sincerely appreciate your comments and insights as they play a vital role in our commitment to providing exceptional service. We would like to extend an invitation to you to rate and review our operators and their services after each successful transport. Your feedback not only helps us maintain our high standards but also enables us to continually enhance and improve our services to better meet your needs and expectations. We genuinely appreciate your involvement in our journey towards excellence.

Best Truck Rates

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Standardized Quality

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Real Time Tracking

Real time truck tracking to deliver your goods on time


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What customers say about FR8's transport service

Shayam Logistics

FR8's container truck transport service is outstanding in terms of container truck quality and container truck rates. Their truck transport service is top-notch. We can get any type of container truck from 20 Feet, 32 Feet Single Axle, 32 Feet Multi Axle in just a few minutes. The goods delivery is always ahead of schedule with very less damage

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