Need to transport goods in India? FR8 has you covered with 30,000+ container and open trucks available anywhere to anywhere.

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FR8 is a leading provider of goods transport services in India, with over 7 years of experience, a network of 34 branches and over 30,000 trucks available for transportation of goods anywhere to anywhere in India. We offer a 100% delivery guarantee and the best truck rates in the industry, making us the top choice for businesses, shippers and transporters looking to transport goods efficiently and affordably. Our online goods transport platform allows you to easily book and track your shipments in real time using SIM and GPS tracking. Our dedicated 24/7 account support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns. We even provide proof of delivery within 10 days of your delivery of goods. Choose FR8 for a tension free goods transport services.Book truck now for reliable and efficient transport services.

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30,000+ Verified container trucks with 100% goods delivery and Proof of delivery within 10 days

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Hansha Road Lines

I was extremely impressed by the goods transport service I received. Not only were the staff extremely helpful, but they also ensured that my goods delivered on time. The personal attention and polite staff was a standout feature for me and really added to my overall satisfaction with the transport service. I have no hesitation in suggesting this goods transport service to others

Jai Ambey Cargo

I had the pleasure of working with FR8 for the past three years, and at first I had doubts about their capabilities as a startup. However, I was pleasantly surprised by their impressive performance and dedication to the goods transport service. Even in last-minute goods transport requests, their team is always ready to fulfill our transport needs. Kudos to the entire FR8 team for their hard work and dedication

Bharat Roadways

Working with FR8 has been an amazing experience. From securing truck loads to truck tracking and goods delivery, their team is always quick to respond and find a transport solution. Even when our transportation needs are not immediately met, they go above and beyond to find an alternative match.