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FR8's live lorry booking rates make the process of transporting goods more efficient and convenient for all parties involved. Manufacturers, shippers, and transporters can use our platform to negotiate spot truck rates and benchmark them against rates from previous lorry bookings.

Our live prices, which are similar to share prices on a stock exchange, are updated in real-time and reflect the current market rates for lorry bookings. Customers, shippers, and transporters can use these prices as a reference when negotiating spot rates, while transporters can use them to facilitate reverse auctions and bid for new lanes. Manufacturers can also use the live prices to determine the cost of transportation for their goods in advance.

By providing transparent and up-to-date information on lorry booking rates, FR8's platform makes it easier for everyone to find the best deals and make informed decisions. Get lorry booking rates now and start streamlining your transportation process with FR8.

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When it comes to a reliable and trustworthy Vendor, there are many who talk about a good game but FR8 helps you make it happen. With the best freight rate in market, Vehicle Tracking, POD management, Web Application and Responsiveness to name a few from many, FR8 has played a vital role in achieving our business results.

Highly recommended and my best wishes to FR8ians for their journey to become the top technology enabled service provider in Indian Transport Industry.

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I have been associated with FR8's lorry booking service for 2 years for long distance goods deliveries. They have consistently provided a wide variety of lorries to meet our needs at best truck rates. Their end-to-end lorry booking service, from lorry booking to POD submission, has been extremely helpful. I plan to continue using FR8's lorry booking service.